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Advanced Elements

Advanced elements give you an opportunity to add unique features tailored to your content. We provide seven options in total - if you opt for the Tailored Build you can select up to 3 advanced elements to use throughout your site, and if you opt for an Enhanced Build you can select 2 advanced elements for your home page. Below you can learn more about the options we provide and see how they can be implemented.


Accordions are great for hiding and revealing content to keep pages short and to the point. 

Common Uses: FAQs, longer Process descriptions

Pop-up Windows

Pop-up windows (also called modals) can also be a great way to condense content on a page into a click to open window. The trigger is often text, but it can also be an image.

Quote Rotator

While we call it a "quote rotator" since this is it's most common use, really anything can be used in this rotator. It can be a great way to present moving text or images in the foreground of a site.

Image Slider

Having multiple background images that fade into another can add visual interest when you enter a site. While we need to be cautious about not adding more than 4 or 5 images in total, we can get that set up for you.

If a stock image is sourced, Twenty Over Ten's image sourcing policy applies. Twenty Over Ten does not provide photography or photo editing services.

Tab Switcher

This switcher is great for breaking information down into digestible pieces. 

Common Uses: Process sections, Services descriptions

Google Map

A Google Map embed is an effective addition for SEO purposes, particularly if you have Google Business set up. This is typically added to your contact page and/or footer. If you have multiple locations, multiple maps can be added.